So I was watching This Is Us with my mom and she just reached over and stopped it, leading to this conversation:

  • My Mom: Liam is not cute at all.
  • Me: Excuse me?!? Have you not seen him?
  • My Mom: Well, he is but he's more like the boy next door. So is Niall too, I guess. The rest are like models.
  • Me: What kind of models would they be, then?
  • My Mom: Harry would be a hair model that you see in those shampoo commercials flipping their hair. Louis would be be the type of model who couldn't model with any women because he'd look better than any of them combined and Zayn is just a model for everything because everyone wants him.

I am a loud child of the internet

I wonder who will favorite my tweet

I hear the sensational YouTube video blasting through my speakers

I see the comments that can make or break my day

I want to be heard on social media

I am a loud child of the internet

I imagine getting thousands of likes on Instagram

I feel noticed when my original post is reblogged on Tumblr

I touch my followers through their timelines

I worry that one day my followers might leave

I cry at the thought of a like-less vine

I am a loud child of the internet

I understand the internet can be a scary place

I say ‘nothing’ when someone asks what I laughed at

I dream that one day I will have a thousand followers

I try to maintain a light-hearted Tumblr blog

I hope that one day my efforts will be noticed

I am a loud child of the internet